There's nothing I can follow to type, so I'm typing with my mind.

Decades of minutes ago, I was wondering which thing to do, playing Final Fantasy VIII with the fact that I've played over 30 hours in these 5 days or practicing English-typing because of the absence from it? Obviously, I finally chose to practice English-typing. And I'm glad that I chose it 'cause I found out that I can just type with such a way too slow speed and with many mistakes. Even now I feel guilty because I only have typed this passage.

With playing Final Fantasy 8, English version for PC, I found that one like me should choose a game with English version for anything but PC to play, because a senior high student has the ability to understand what the game's saying if (s)he wants to. And a game set on a slowly-running PC is only suffering the player!!!!

Well....Shool small brothers are having a performance for the whole guitar club, Ming asked me to choose a song to practice for the performance. I chose David Tao's "Beach." But it has way too much fake voice, which I'm not good at singing. I chose it because I knew that I'm not good at it, so I have a opportunity to practice---- or to learn. I don't know what will Ming and Greg say, and what about SMT??

I'm trying to type with a faster speed. Though that makes more mistakes, but I think it's better than I typed with lots of thoughts, right?

By the way, to addition, English version is better for a game because it may have more emotional phrases than Japanese and Chinese versions, especially for a game with millions of words but none of vocals.

Maybe I should have typed with Office Word 'cause it has a "mistake detector." I can know what letter or grammar I was wrong just after typing it. Well, what's done is done, and it's no use to cry for the spilt milk-----that's what Dad told me.

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