Embed music in blogger without owning a server.

Well, I'm in NCTU IMU and the computer I'm using doesn't have Chinese to type. (In fact, it may have, but I'm not willing to check...XD)
After Hans told me about Box.net, I wonder whether it is possible to put "files" on it and include the files somewhere else. And the following is my result for now:

....It's the song "Good guy" I cooperated with LazyBug during high school.
The embedded flash is found at http://catz.no-ip.com/blogs/eureka/?p=133, also told by Hans.

For now, the code is not neat enough for me and I'd like to write a JS function to construct the <object> element dynamically. Also, I'd like to put the JS function in a file and put the file in Box.net.