Ha.... I've wasted a week again. And worst of all, I lost my notebook that LoveCloud gave me. It contains many data, including the information of our class in NTHU CS 07, the notes I've taken in most of the courses, and the results of General Physics Experiment. I'm ashamed facing my partner in that course, ���� H.

Hm.... The unpleasant trivia is not important. I have to introduce my new friend in the campus. But it's just now I think of it that his name is the same with the character Yong in Final Fantasy IV. Uh.... It's no meaning to talk about his name. After knowing him, I found that there are many special guys in the world AGAIN. (I said "AGAIN" because I've noticed that before when I know �v�� W.) He's a special guy with many talents such as piano, soccer, basketball, Tai-Ji, etc. And he won the "sweatest smile award" in the Fresh Welcoming Camp in NTHU CS. So you can discover that he's not a isolated guy.

He's the nearest friend of mine for now in the campus. But I'm not sure I can get along with him well even though he has said to me so many feelings in his heart. I'm confused by the complicated wolrd. I hope I'll adapt.

Hey.... The first 4 paragraph are headed by the letter "H."